Philadelphia. New York City. Washington DC. Minneapolis. Portland. Seattle. The list goes on. All these cities have something in common. They have all been overrun by Marxists and their governing bodies have at best stood by and done nothing and at worst encouraged the invasion. In Philadelphia looters were shooting looters. This isn’t peaceful protesting.

Now to be clear many of these looters were probably common criminals — but the Democratic party generally speaking has moved so far left as to be unrecognizable and has encouraged and campaigned for a particularly virulent strain of Marxism and Postmodernism.

The cornerstone of the Postmodernist (and Marxist) way of thinking is this. The world is divided up into two categories: the oppressed and the oppressor and it’s all about who has the power. If you’re in the oppressed group then you try to overthrow the oppressor. At which point you then become the dominant group and the vicious cycle continues. Now it used to be that Marxism was based on the idea of poor against the rich — but by the 1970s it had become abundantly clear that every country that attempted this model of governing by forced equity became engulfed in bloodshed and horrendous violations of basic human rights. So the words used were changed — now its the oppressor vs the oppressed — but the overarching idea and philosophy remains the same.

You cannot reason with a postmodernist. You can point out all day long that burning down privately owned businesses does absolutely nothing about racism and you will be ignored. Professor Jordan Peterson says: “They [postmodernists] don’t believe in logic. They believe that logic is part of the process by which the patriarchal institutions of the west continue to dominate and to justify their dominance… They also don’t believe in dialogue… They don’t believe that people of goodwill can come to consensus through the exchange of ideas. The reason that they don’t let people they don’t agree with speak on campus is that they don’t agree with letting people speak.”

Again, postmodernism is about governing through power, intimidation, and violent revolution, whereas the American Experiment is about governing by speech — by talking… by rational discussion. Marxism from which postmodernism is descended is about the oppressor vs the oppressed and therefore is not concerned with reason nor is it truly concerned with the rights of the individual. You don’t have an individual identity. You’re part of a group. Peterson goes on: “They believe that since you don’t have an individual identity your fundamental identity is group fostered. And that means you’re basically an exemplar of your race, hence white privilege. Or you’re an exemplar of your gender or your sex or your ethnicity — however you can be classified so you are placed in the position of the victim against the oppressor.”

The riots are a direct result of this mentality. It is a mentality of profound bitterness and ungratefulness. Peterson again: “Postmodernism……doesn’t have a shred of gratitude — which there’s something pathologically wrong with someone who doesn’t have a shred of gratitude especially when they live in the best possible world [referring to the west].”

Notice that race related protests and violent riots are permissible with the current public health crisis, but gathering for Thanksgiving isn’t if you live in California. Thousands of people protesting a politically correct cause in the streets and causing chaos is acceptable but churches can only have fifty percent capacity. Again, it’s not about logic. It’s not about dialogue. They aren’t interested in dialogue. They aren’t interested in logic. Its about the supposed oppressed class overthrowing the supposed oppressor (whoever the oppressed doesn’t like or agree with) and seizing power for themselves. This has played out multiple times in history: the Russian Revolution, the Communist takeover of China. It has always ended in widespread death and destruction.

It isn’t about race. It isn’t about dialogue. It isn’t about gay rights or freedom of expression or race equality. It’s about power and it’s about ruling through power rather than speech and discussion. To be clear: there is a difference between a classic liberal and what many in the Democratic party are embracing today. The Democratic party of today has become the party of radical postmodernism and socialism. It would behoove true Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans to foster discussion and free speech and rule of law again. There have already been plenty of examples of what happens under Postmodern Socialism. Look at Minneapolis. Look at Philadelphia.





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Caleb Anderson

Caleb Anderson

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